message from KI Hajar Dewantara


Ing ngarso sung tulodo

Ing madyo mangun karso

Tut wuri handayani

In front of give an example, In the middle of giving guidance, In the back giving impetus  This is the slogan of the Ministry of Education was initiated by KI Hajar Dewantara, but what the presence is still applied ??, three sentences above is a simple thing, but if the implemented  the results is incredible. creation of character education that can return Indonesia to better education. no need to mention the chaotic UN that recently occurred in the year 2013 critical properties can be built up and developed, but not insulting and harming others. This time it is said that education is not good, because it is only seen from the large number or value of the test is obtained.

 simple notes
by : mas aji seno prasetyo


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